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Voltage Optimisers

Voltage optimisation is an electrical energy saving technique that is installed in series with the electricity supply to match supply voltage specific to the site’s equipment.

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Save Energy & Improve Efficiency and Protect Appliances!

    Why install a voltage optimiser?

    Typically the incoming voltage to a property will vary between 216v and 253v as agreed with the current European Legislation. All domestic electrical equipment is designed to work within a range of 207V and 253V.

    But critically the optimum and most efficient supply voltage for these appliances is 220V. When the supply voltage exceeds 220V waste is generated, in both heat and vibration significantly reducing the life span of the equipment…

    Product benefits

    • Reduces energy usage on electrical dependant loads.
    • Reduces carbon footprint.
    • Contributes to Government funded targets.
    • Customer savings start immediately.
    • Simple to install, typically in 1 hour.
    • Substantially extends the life of appliances and lighting.
    • Protects sensitive electrical devices from damage.
    • Seamless Switching.
    • ROI, typically between 2 to 3 years.

    Watch a short video explaining how it works

    How to get started

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    Register your interest using the contact form above or via our contact page. We will get in touch to discuss your enquiry. You can also use the web chat option to chat with our team before enquiring.

    Technical survey

    Whether you have solar panels already, or you are looking at a solar/storage solution, our team will fully survey your property and assess whether a solar battery would be a good option for you.

    Personalised report

    You will be provided with a personalised energy report. We can advise on the ideal solar battery for your requirements. Feel free to look over everything in your own time before making your decision.


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    We will do our best to provide you with a service that will leave you satisfied, from the initial assessment to aftercare