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Solar PV

Radically cut energy costs, generate your own electricity passively.

Online assessment

Book an online assessment and save up to £20,000* with Solar PV!

    Why install solar PV?

    Save the Planet, Reduce your Emissions

    Switching to solar powered energy will considerably reduce your carbon emissions. A typical home will save 30 tonnes of carbon in the lifetime of a system! Solar panels need no fuel to run: no carbon emissions, no pollution, just completely green energy.

    Save Money

    Solar electricity panels save a lot of money on electricity bills. Once installed, solar electricity panels require nothing other than daylight to generate electricity. Be freed from the restraints of energy companies hiking prices each year.

    Futureproof your home

    Can you imagine a world where you’re paid for the energy your home produces? In the changing world of home energy, installing solar panels will future proof your home to sell energy back to the grid.

    Our system are:

    • Smart grid compatible
    • Ready for EV charging

    Fit Once, Forget Forever

    Solar panels are passive and last about 25-30 years. Install them, then move on to more important things. Like spending your energy savings or spending time with your family.

    We provide:

    • 10 year parts & labour warranties
    • Ongoing support
    • Real time system monitoring

    Join the green revolution, use natural sunlight to power your home

    Solar panels use photovoltaics (PV) to capture daylight, before converting it into electricity you can use in your home, or feed back into the grid. In the UK, panels are usually installed on the roof, in order to give them unimpeded access to daylight.

    Since the technology broke out several decades ago it has developed at a breakneck speed to be where it is today. Solar now beats traditional dirty gas & oil guzzling energy generation in price per MW and, as a result, solar electricity panels are being installed in dizzying volumes across the globe.

    Join the green revolution. We will use the very latest solar technology for your no hassle solar panel installation. Contact SolarTherm UK now for your fully accredited quotation.

    How to get started

    Contact us

    Register your interest using the contact form above or via our contact page. We will get in touch to discuss your inquiry. You can also use the web chat option to chat with our team before enquiring.

    Technical survey

    Whether you have solar panels already, or you are looking at a solar/storage solution, our team will fully survey your property and assess whether a solar battery would be a good option for you.

    Personalised report

    You will be provided with a personalised energy report. We can advise on the ideal solar battery for your requirements. Feel free to look over everything in your own time before making your decision.


    Let’s Talk About Improving Your Life!

    We will do our best to provide you with a service that will leave you satisfied, from the initial assessment to aftercare