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Ground Source Heat Pumps

Draw heat right from the ground beneath your feet to heat your home or business.

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We can help you save up to £20,000*. Get started now, it won’t cost anything!

    Why choose a ground source heat pump?

    Save Money

    A ground source heat pump is a far more efficient way of heating your home than all conventional systems. Save up to £1500 per year* on the typical British home.

    Reduce Emissions

    A ground source heat pump significantly reduces your carbon footprint by using the earth’s natural heat in place of heat generated by coal, gas or oil. Save 2100-12100 kgs of carbon per year* depending on the technology replaced. Retain the option to go completely carbon neutral when you provide renewably sourced electricity for the system’s pump.

    Stay Safe

    Ground source heat pumps are extremely safe systems, which require no exposed equipment above the ground, making them ideal for homes with young children or pets, or businesses with wandering stakeholders. Extend the system to provide underfloor heating, and there are no hot radiators to burn prying young hands.

    Install, Then Move On To More Important Things

    Minimal maintenance required, ground source heat pumps require no work or effort after installation by the end user, nor do they require fuel deliveries. Set up the system and then forget about it. Systems last for 50 – 100 years.

    Access Consistent Heat

    A traditional heating system heats up a large amount of water at once. Ground source heat pumps deliver a consistent flow of heat, keeping your building at the ideal temperature. This is far less wasteful. It is also largely cold weather independent as the systems pipes are buried deep enough beneath the ground for the temperature to remain stable.

    Use the earth’s natural heat to warm your home or business

    Ground source heat pumps use the earth’s natural and stable heat to warm your home or business. A loop and pump system that is buried underground circulates water in much the same way that your conventional heating system does. Except the heat is acquired from the earth, rather than burning dirty gas in your boiler or filthy coal at the power plant!

    The system is very long lasting and requires no maintenance once installed.

    Get in touch today for a quotation from SolarTherm UK, the fully accredited installer of ground source heat pump systems.
    *Energy Saving Trust

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