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Biomass Boiler

Burn renewable and local wood instead of gas to keep your business or home warm and cosy.

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We can help you save up to £20,000*. Get started now, it won’t cost anything!

    Why install a biomass boiler?

    Go Carbon Neutral

    Use sustainable fuel, by sourcing wood fuel locally. Make sure you only use what you can renew and put back. Use the energy source our ancestors used for generations.

    Earn Money – The Renewable Heat Incentive

    Access funds directly from the renewable heat incentive scheme. This government scheme provides funding for renewable heat generation and will over the life of the scheme cover the cost of the boiler in the first few years, leaving profit every year thereafter. 


    In most areas buying and using wood for fuel is significantly less expensive than burning gas or relying on electricity for heat. Wood chips may typically cost 2.9p/kWh whereas electricity costs 13.4p/kWh and oil 6.0p/kWh. Not only that, you’ll support the local and domestic economy.

    Ideal for Certain Businesses

    Biomass boilers are often suitable for business use. Burn rather discard your waste products to improve the efficiency of your operation significantly.

    Ditch the dirty gas and oil, use the local forest to heat your home or business

    ‘Biomass’ refers to natural materials, such as those derived from animals or plants. Typically, biomass boilers burn wood. This is usually in the form of pellets, logs or wood chips. By using wood from sustainable and local forests, or other sustainable biomass, you ensure carbon neutrality.

    Like any boiler, a biomass boiler heats water before distributing it throughout the building. This makes it an easy replacement from a standard boiler, hooking straight into the system, and it is one of the simpler conversions you can make to bring your home or business up to modern green standards. This could be a good starting point on your green journey, and one that makes your home cosy and warm!

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    Whether you have solar panels already, or you are looking at a solar/storage solution, our team will fully survey your property and assess whether a solar battery would be a good option for you.

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    You will be provided with a personalised energy report. We can advise on the ideal solar battery for your requirements. Feel free to look over everything in your own time before making your decision.


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