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Air to Water Heat Pumps

Create a warm and cosy home with reliable, all-in-one heating that’s better for the planet and more cost-effective.

Online assessment

Book an online assessment and save up to £20,000* with Solar PV!

    Reliable Heating

    Our air to water heat pump of choice is the Therma V R32. Providing powerful and reliable heating, it can operate at low temperatures of -25°C and offer leaving water temperature of 65°C at maximum.

    How it works

    Remotely control from anywhere

    The handy LG SmartThinQ™ app makes it easy to control your heating system anytime from anywhere. Your home will always be warm and cosy to return to.

    Smart heating control

    The remote controller can store up to 50 history items, making it possible to easily identify the cause of any faults using the history data and prompt solutions.

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